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IT Risk & Cybersecurity Assessments

Holistic, Client-Centric Risk Assessments Tailored for Financial Firms

TrendMicro has estimated that 78% of organizations have suffered a data breach over the past two years. Financial firms are increasingly being targeted and attacked, as hackers realize that they make lucrative targets. Regulators and clients are stepping in to demand greater protections to ensure that financial firms are taking necessary precautions.

A technology risk assessment will help you identify the gaps in your processes, procedures, and technology setups and integrations to help protect your firm, mitigate these risks, and meet regulator and client demands. A good risk assessment looks beyond just network security and infrastructure, and into the risks posed by third parties, workflows, and integrations.

In fact, the SEC Cybersecurity Alerts and Investment Management Guidance already call for a technology risk assessment:
"Please indicate whether the Firm conducts periodic risk assessments to identify cybersecurity threats, vulnerabilities, and potential business consequences" (SEC April 2014 Cybersecurity Alert, Question 3)

    • Holistic Risk Assessment

    • Vendor Due Diligence

    • Network Testing

    • Staff Security Training & Phishing Tests

    • Info-Sec Policies, BCP, and Incident Response Plan

    • On-Going Advisory

    • M&A IT/Security Diligence

    • Table-Top Exercises

    • Mock Regulatory Cyber Exams


You no longer have to choose between expensive auditors and network security only focused firms. ACA Aponix is:

  •  Independent
  •  Comprehensive
  •  Cost-Effective
  •  Experienced
  •  Tailored
  •  Thought-Leadership

Serving hedge funds, private equity, financial advisers, broker/dealers, and other financial service firms. Contact us to learn more.


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Web-Based Cybersecurity Awareness Training for Investment Advisers



Web-based training tailored for our industry
Ideal for:
  • Firms with a large number of remote or traveling employees
  • Firms with many remote offices
  • Firms who want to administer education as part of the new employee on-boarding process
  • NFA-registered firms who want to meet new-hire training requirements
  • Cost-conscious, small-to-medium advisers who want to enhance their cyber programs

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Aponix was founded in June 2014 to fill the market gap of holistic, independent technology risk assessments for financial firms. Its name is derived from the Greek word "Aponia", the philosophy that happiness is freedom from pain.

Aponix joined the ACA Compliance Group umbrella to form ACA Aponix in February, 2015. ACA brings regulatory compliance expertise and a brand-name to the Aponix offering. ACA appreciated Aponix's ability to perform holistic assessments, looking beyond just the network perimeter.



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